Finest Day- & Nightwear

Quality makes the difference

The history of high-quality nightwear starts in 1946 when NOVILA was founded in Titisee-Neustadt, a small town in the Black Forest close to the famous lake "Titisee". From the beginning, the family-owned company strived to achieve the best quality in materials and workmanship.

Today, NOVILA is one of the leading brands for exclusive day- and nightwear. Due to our experience of many decades, we master the art of perfect workman-ship and process smooth fabrics in a way that results in the utmost comfort and a perfect fit.

Take a look at our patented waistband. It guarantees a good fit but is not tight on your waist-line. Paying special attention to each detail results in producing works of textile art for every-day use.

How artisanry
creates emotions.

Care and attention

We believe that when you look at a product you can tell the spirit it was made in and how much tie and care was taken over it before it left the tailor's hands. At NOVILA, we give every shirt, every pair of trousers, every set of pyjamas and every nightdress the attention it requires. We do not produce large batches, but one one-of-a-kind piece after another. Certainly, that takes a lot of work; our seams, for example, have more stitches per centimetre than those of other manufacturers. But the extra work makes our products look better and last longer.

Feel it

The skin is the human body's largest sensory organ – and, what is more, one that demands exacting standards. If you can make the skin feel good, you will create balance. At NOVILE, we see ourselves as servants of the skin, as we are well aware how intimately our products come into contact with it. That is why we only buy our fabrics from Europe's best weaving and knitting companies. Our nightwear and underwear are made almost exclusively using natural fibres such as cotton or silk. You will be able to feel it, we promise.


When someone wears our nightwear or underwear, you can tell from the smile on their lips and the contentment in their eyes whether our products are a good, comfortable fit. We work hard to ensure we get this reaction. NOVILA Softbund® – our special waistband – was developed to create the necessary level of comfort. It fits perfectly without chafing or marking the skin. A perfect expression of our tailoring art, based on decades of understanding what true artisanship feels like.

Come home

Our products are among the first things you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night. They accompany you through stimulating, active moments and intimate, tender ones. They are as suited to movement as to repose, or to times when you are alone and at one with yourself. This is what it should feel like to come home – to be home.


We believe that personality has a lot to do with clarity and consistency. We believe in clothes that emphasise a person's essence, instead of concealing it. And that's only possible if we work without compromise. We coordinate side seams so that patterns match. Our stitching is as precise on the inside as on the outside. To see an example of this, just roll up the sleeves: NOVILA has nothing to hide.

Let go

There are so many transitions in life. From outside to inside, from movement to stillness, from day to night and back to day again. We have a fine feel for these passages between different states. We let the old go to make way for the new. These transitions constantly reveal new and unique aspects of NOVILA. And that is something we are very aware of.


We believe that every feeling is based on a certainty, an essence from which it arises. At NOVILA, this essence is especially precious. For over 70 years, we have been refining our designs, cultivating valuable partnerships with our suppliers and making products in line with the highest standards in our industry. All so our customers can be certain of feeling good.

NOVILA Day- & Nightwear.
For those who value the outstanding. Crafted from pure passion and high-quality materials. Satisfying, when there is nothing to improve.